Programs and Services

No matter where the crime occurs on or off campus or whether one chooses to file a police report or not, the Office of Victim Services specialists can help in a variety of ways.

 What our specialists do:   A specialist, with the ongoing consent and active participation of the student, is available to:

  • explain the reporting process and assist the student, if he/she chooses, in filing a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency;
  • serve as the spokesperson for the student within the College community so that the victim's privacy and dignity are maintained in all aspects of intervention and assistance and, as necessary, to serve as liaison with individuals off campus;
  • work with the student to reasonably accommodate possible disruption to the student's class attendance, class work, academic schedule, or initiating necessary changes that may result from the immediate crime and the impact of that crime;
  • offer immediate crisis intervention and initial support;
  • assist in locating appropriate on campus and community resources, information or remedy to meet the student's specific immediate and ongoing needs; and
  • offer a listing of attorneys who have volunteered and are available to assist a victim with legal questions and/or concerns.

This program provides comprehensive victim assistance at one convenient location. All contact with the Office of Victim Services Specialist is handled with the utmost discretion and with the consent of the individual being served.

Call 911 (if off campus) or 843.953.5611 (if on campus) in all life-threatening circumstances.