Troubling Trends - Tell Us What you are Seeing

Tell Us What You Are Seeing

Students often learn about new trends that may pose potential harm or risk to self/others before service providers do.

Examples of incidents that at one time were emerging trends include Facebook harassment, up skirting, bath salts, raves, planking (on a busy road, etc.), dosing a drink to facilitate sexual assault, etc.

In order for us to be prepared to provide assistance, we need to know about the troubling trend before the victims seeks assistance, not when they seek assistance. If you are aware of a new trend that could negatively affect others please tell us about it so the Office of Victim Services can gain a better understanding of the emerging trend in order to assist students and plan future programs.

Names/location/identifying information should NOT be included - only a few words are necessary to describe the trend (just as what was used in the list of examples above).
Please note:  This collection of information is not intended to serve as a law enforcement or campus conduct reporting vehicle.  Incidents that identify a specific victim/place may be referred to law enforcement for investigation.

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