Office of Victim Services (OVS)

Lightsey Center

About Victim Services

  • Becoming a victim of a crime can happen to anyone and students, active in all facets of community life, are no exception. Faced with a host of critical issues, decisions and problems that can arise if one becomes a victim, life as usual - attending classes, going to work, studying, socializing - becomes anything BUT usual.
  • The specially tailored Office of Victim Services is available for our students no matter where a crime occurs on or off campus, or whether the student elects to file an official police report or not.

What our certified victim assistance specialists do:

  1. Address the immediate and long-term questions and issues (What are my options? What happens if I...? How can I?),
  2. Handle the non-counseling fallout from the crime (ex., missed classes or work, room change, course disruptions, safety planning and concerns)
  3. Attend to ongoing distractions or interruptions (involvement in any judicial processes/appearances)
  4. Work to resolve any matters or concerns that arise related to the crime and its impact on the college experience.

Our Services

  • Are provided within a framework that is attentive, sensitive and knowledgeable so that no matter where our students live, work and socialize, if there is ever a need, there is a wealth of assistance through the Office of Victim Services.

Our Phone Number

  • The only phone number for OVS (Office of Victim Services) is 843.953.2273.
  • Please reserve calling after business hours for victimizations that occurred within the past 120 hours/five days. Thank you.