What Men Can Do

"One in Four" is the name of the nationally-recognized, all-male peer education groups that present The Men's Program. The College of Charleston Office of Victim Services is seeking male students interested in joining One in Four to help reduce and eliminate sexual assault and violence toward women.  If you would like to join this elite organization, please call Robin LaRocque at 843.953.2273.

The name "One in Four" is derived from the statistic that indicates that one in four college women report surviving rape or attempted rape since their fourteenth birthday (Warshaw, R., I never called it rape, 1994).

Why do we need a chapter of One in Four at the College of Charleston?

Males presenting to males, especially at the collegiate level, is a powerful and persuasive approach to discussing and working on concrete solutions to ending sexual violence. It's not just a "women's issue" - it's a human issue. And, it will take men to identify what their role could and should be in the areas of awareness and prevention of sexual violence to help end sexual violence. What is appealing and contributes to the success of the "One in Four" approach is that it offers the male audience a message that is relevant to every-day social situations that are part of college life outside the classroom.

The programming offered by the chapter presenters seeks to address men as potential helpers, not as potential rapists. Presentations using an all-male audience promote honest and open discussion on the reality of the impact of rape - on friends, sisters, girlfriends and classmates. Because the majority of rapes are committed by men, it will take men learning how to help a survivor, how to better define consent in intimate encounters, and how to intervene as bystanders to destroy the negative stereotype of college men as rapists that hurts all men. Successful programming offers positive steps men can take to be better friends, better partners and more sensitive to the important role they play now and in preparing for their role in the future. Make a difference and be a part of the leadership on campus. The skills learned in shaping this chapter will last long beyond graduation.

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Men working to end rape one school at a time. Statistics can change, men can help.

Contact Robin LaRocque at larocquer@cofc.edu or 843.953.2273.